We Had Shutters Put on Our Cabin at the Lake

We renovated a cabin by the lake over the last few years. We considered it done when we added the interior shutters from orange county shutters. They go on the inside of a window to control light. The south facing windows get a lot of sun. The big one on the west side gets a lot of evening sun, and the one on the east side of the cabin gets the morning sun. Cool mornings are great for letting all of that sunshine in. When we know it is going to be a hot day we like to block it out to keep the cool in. The shutters work great for controlling light and therefore quite a bit of radiated heat.

We call it a cabin but it is a nice cottage by the lake. It has two bedrooms, a kitchen and dining area and an amply sized living room. The deck on the south side facing the lake is half as big as the cabin itself. We chose the shutters because there is no need for special cleaning methods. They are made of wood and simply wipe clean when we dust the furniture. They are each custom made for the windows they are going to be installed on, and they are permanently attached becoming part of the architecture.

We like them so much on our lake house that we had them put on our house in the suburbs. They really add to the visual appeal both inside and out, and they function a whole lot better than drapes or blinds. Not having to have anything be dry or steam cleaned is nice too. We were glad to get rid of those drapes we had in the dining room at home. Since they are available in so many colors and styles, every homeowner can customize the look to suit his own tastes.

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