Upgrading My Laptop Now That I Have a Subscription to the Best Photo Editing Software

I got a deal for using the best photo-editing and design software for half the monthly cost for an entire year. I can now finally afford to edit images and video and create incredible designs using software that was out of reach for me not that long ago. Now that I can use all of it, I need to be looking at laptop deals for Cyber Monday. My old computer can handle the apps, but it operates slower than I am happy with. I need rendering of videos to be faster, and I need to see the results of special effects quicker than my computer can handle.

I am upgrading to the latest processor with some extra RAM. The hard drive size is not a big deal as I am buying a system to save my work redundantly as well as adding a few more gigs to my cloud space. I had one hard drive crash and I lost a lot of images. I am not doing that again. I do want the laptop screen to be able to calibrate close enough to use with my image printer and the company I use to produce professional prints. I was thinking about using a desktop and a separate high-end monitor, but I like to do editing in the field when I am shooting video and images.

I have made a few bucks doing portraits of people, but I like simple outdoor and street photography the best. I do not have a lot of people in the images I like the best. I can really step up my photography game now that I have access to the best editing software, and I am just waiting to see the prices I can get for the best laptop deals for Cyber Monday this year.

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