Three Bedrooms and Two Bathrooms

When I got a divorce last year, I thought it would be easy enough to move on because married life was definitely not a picnic for me. I moved in with my mother, taking my two daughters with me. I was not expecting my ex to not pay child support, so I ended up staying there longer than I had expected. Several months ago, I knew it was time to finally get settled, so I started looking at apartments in Columbia, South Carolina. I wanted to stay in the same town as my mom, but I knew that I needed my own place because she only had a small two bedroom house.

I couldn’t get a house of my own because I simply could not afford it, which is why I looked at apartments. I knew I would be able to swing that every month as long as I stayed conservative with what I wanted. I was not expecting to find an apartment like I did at such a great price. I was optimistic when I started searching for three bedroom apartments, but I honestly did not expect to find one quickly. Not only did I find one that is perfect for us, but it is also close to the girls’ school and my work.

It is in a safe section of town, and I knew that I would not need to worry about the girls growing up there. It was also very spacious, and there are even two bathrooms as well. I didn’t even count on that because I did not have a large budget, so I was very happy to see all of the extras that we were able to get with the apartment. The best part of all is that I did not have to leave my mom’s living room to find this. I was able to do everything online, and we were able to move in within the same week. It feels good to be on my own again!

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