This Holiday’s Cyber Monday is Going to Be 4K TV Shopping

This year is 4K TV shopping for the holidays. I am planning on looking at every Black Friday ad and seeing what is going to be coming out for the best Cyber Monday 2015 deals too. We finished remodeling our living room and the only thing we need to finish it off is a nice big TV on the wall that has 4K resolution. We like our movie and TV show nights together as a family. We DVR stuff to watch it the next night together. We are big into the action crime dramas.

We have the sound bar set up, but we are not plugging it in until we get the new television. We decided that together. We want the new TV to be a sight and sound experience the first time we sit down to watch it. My wife and I will install it as soon as it arrives. It is the gift for us as a family that will arrive before the holiday. We will be rewatching all of our favorite holiday shows on it. I can hardly wait to see some of those old and remastered movies in 4K.

We will be taking advantage of getting the electronic items on the kids’ wishlists too. Each one gets to pick the one major holiday gift they would like to have. Yes, they know what they are getting before the holiday gets here, but they are still very happy to receive what they get. I have never seen them not actually be grateful for what they receive whether it is underwear or the newest electronic gadget on the market. I am very excited about us getting a 4K big screen TV on Cyber Monday or Black Friday. TV watching in style is one thing I really enjoy. Yes, having the family with me watching shows is really what makes it great.

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