Started Getting Moved in My New Place

Of course so far I have not had much time for interior decoration. Jane and I have been busy getting moved in this new place and in fact a lot of my stuff did not make it up here. I had been living with this guy I met in college. He and I were sharing a little house that we were renting for a very modest sum and we were not really eager to give it up. In this case the guy who owned the place wanted us out of it. He decided that he was going to renovate the place and try to sell it for a profit, which is probably what he planned to do all along. He just finally got around to doing it. Of course so long as my buddy and I were paying rent he was not in a big hurry, but it eventually became more of a priority for him to get it done.

At any rate Jane and I have been thinking about moving in together for a little while and this makes a lot of sense. Of course it makes a ton of sense for me because Jane has the money and her grandfather has a lot of money. He wrote her a check for what she needed to make the down payment. It was not even a big deal to him. The two of them talked about it as casually as though they were talking about what they were going to have to eat for dinner. Of course I could not imagine who I could ask for that sort of money without having them laugh in my face. In fact this is a rather small and inexpensive house in a relative way, so it is not as though he gave her the money for a lavish country estate.

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