Setting Up House on the Lake

I was just lucky to get hold of this little piece of land. I have to look into getting one of those directv packages, as right now I can not get cable. It was lucky that we could get wireless internet, which actually works pretty well. We got it hooked up this morning and so far I can not tell much difference between it and the cable internet we had in the city. That is except for the fact that it is thirty bucks a month and the cable company was charging me about twice as much. I definitely noticed that and I was pretty happy to find out that it worked pretty well as the kids are not going to be happy with some sort of weak bandwidth. They love that stuff and have to have a great deal of it.

This place is not too small for us, but it is just barely big enough. I am thinking that it will be pretty easy to build a loft over the garage however. It is It is not really on the lake, but it is on a hill about a hundred and twenty yards from the lake. In fact I have a public boat dock about two miles away. They will not let you build a dock here, but there is a beach about a quarter of a mile away from the house where you can get on the boat up and people can jump on or off. We can tie it up if we are just going to the house and coming back very shortly. It is a big deal to me and the kids love it, but they do like not being able to get the jet ski in the water without me helping them to do it.

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