Selling Dirt, Mulch, Sand and Gravel is a Decent Business to Be in

We sell aggregates, mulch, dirt and other such products usually by weight. We deliver, but we also have customers that come to us. Our commercial clients come in with dump trucks and pickup trucks. We just use a loader to fill the beds of the trucks with the amount of product they order. Often, for mulch and other things that may be measured by the square yard instead of weight, the customer comes out ahead because we overfill. We use a crane scale when more accurate weights are needed.

We have scoop bags that we lay on the ground. They have cables at the corners. A loader dumps product on the laid out heavy duty fabric. We lift the cables up, and the sheet closes into a bag shape. At the end of the crane is a scale. This crane scale gives us the weight in the scoop bag. We also prefill specialty bags that are more like tubes. They tie at one end, you fill it, cut it and then tie the other end of the tube. Each filled tube is able to support its own weight for the most part. Materials that would pierce the fabric are contained in a metal framework container. Customers must return those frames after they empty the bags inside them. They pay a deposit.

Manufacturing facilities that use our aggregates, sand and other materials often buy product in these types of containers. They can easily be moved around using forklifts. A homeowner that needs a lot of mulch might buy a tube of it and haul it home in the back of his pickup. He just cuts the bag open in his driveway, and shovels the product into a wheelbarrow distributing muclh around the yard a little at a time. Then he just disposes of or recycles the fabric tube. It is a very profitable business to be in, especially in the spring and summer-our busy season.

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