My Friends Know About Energy

My friends and I often talk about ways to save money on various things. We even have our own coupon clipping club, where we get together each Sunday to look the latest paper and clip coupons that we can use in the stores. While at a club meeting one day, I told my friend how I was unhappy with my energy bill. They asked me who was my energy provider and when I told them, they were shocked that I was using that company. They all were using Reliant Energy, and recommended that I drop my company as soon as possible.

My friends just assumed that I was using the same energy company as them the whole time, which is why they were surprised at who I was actually using. They told me that they all had bad experiences with the company I was using, and they switched as soon as they found out about Reliant. I don’t know how they were able to keep it a secret for so long, but I took their advice and looked into Reliant for my home energy needs.

I used a website to make comparisons between my energy company and Reliant, and Reliant beat them out in every way. I immediately called Reliant, signed up for their service, and cancelled my service with my old energy company. Since hen, I’ve been saving on every bill, and I’ve been able to use the extra money on other things. Now, if only I could find some way to save on my Internet bills. The next thing I know, my friends will be telling me that they don’t have the same Internet provider as me, and that they’ve all been paying a much lower rate the entire time. I wonder what else my friends know about that I don’t.

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