Large Spacious Rooms and a Fitness Center Too

When my husband and I were still dating, we both lived with our parents. We knew that we were going to get married soon though, so we started looking at Lexington apartments. Even though we would not move in until we were married, we knew it was best to start looking rather than wait until the actual wedding was upon us. Even if we had to pay rent for a few months on it, it was still better to get it now than risk having to settle for something we really did not like.

We both work in the same office complex, so we knew we wanted something that was close to it. We did not want to spend an hour in our commuting every day to work when we could look at apartments that are almost within walking distance of our work building. I really did not care about much with the apartment other than I wanted it to have large rooms as well as enough closet space. I also did not want to have to go to a laundromat or a shared laundry facility in the apartment building to wash our clothes.

He wanted to make sure that there was a fitness center and a pool because he does like to work out every morning. He also wanted something that was not too far out of the way from stores and restaurants. It sounds like we were being pretty picky, and perhaps we were. Even with that, it did not take us long to find the apartment that we would end up moving into the day of our wedding. It is our first home together, and it is just perfect for both of us. That we both get everything we wanted is a really nice bonus to living with my best friend for the rest of my life.

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