Imagine Having to Call an El Paso Bail Bonds Office for Your Daughter

Hey, when you woke up this morning, was your first thought that you would have to bail your daughter out of jail? Can you imagine that being on the mind of any parent? Now imagine it happening to your daughter who has never been in trouble and is regularly on the Dean’s List. A girl who volunteers and is active in sports. One who does not drink or do drugs. It is surreal that we had to call an El Paso bail bonds office to bail her out of jail.

She was technically driving under the influence. She was at her job while sick. She had a really bad cold and took some cold medicine she bought on her lunch. It was the kind you are supposed to take at night. It made her really sleepy. She figured she was fine for the 15 minute drive home when her boss sent her home early because she looked so sick. She hit some parked cars and was out of it when the police arrived. She had fallen asleep, and she was having a reaction to the cold medicine. We did not even find out about it until hours later because we thought she was at work.

She was uninjured, but there was a lot of damage to a lot of cars. She told them she took cold medicine, and they found it in her purse. The medicine was a liquid with alcohol in it. She just turned 18. The amount of damage to the cars was probably a factor in her requiring bail. We never thought in a million years that something like this could happen. We are not ignorant. We understand that the law is the law, and driving under the influence goes for booze, illegal drugs, prescription drugs and over-the-counter ones too. Most people just think of booze when they hear DUI. Our daughter was a technical lawbreaker even though it was completely unintentional. She did not get trashed at a bar and try to drive home. She took cold medicine. The judge took that into consideration.

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