I Wanted My Own Apartment

When my husband and I decided we were going to get divorced, I knew that I would be the one moving from the home we had made. It has been in his family for generations, and I never did feel like it was truly mine. I knew I would be more comfortable in an apartment anyway, so I decided to start searching as soon as the D word started getting tossed around. I did a search for Richardson apartments since I wanted to have as little maintenance as possible with my new home.

I found an apartment that I really liked almost immediately. Since it is just me, I was only looking at one bedroom apartments. I know a lot of single people like to have a spare bedroom or home office, but I had no use for either one of those. I wanted just a small apartment with one bedroom, a nice bath, and plenty of living room and kitchen space since I do enjoy relaxing in the evenings as well as baking and cooking during my free time on the weekends. The apartment that I found was within my price range, and it is really close to my job as well.

I liked that I would be able to cut my commute time to and from work by nearly 20 minutes. I also really appreciated the fact that I would be able to use the fitness center at the complex. That would save me some time also since I do like to work out every day. I knew that I would be able to end my membership at the expensive fitness center I had been going to, which was just another nice bonus about the Richardson apartment that I found. I was able to start the process right from the website I found it on, and it felt great getting things in motion for the next chapter of my life.

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