I Wanted My Dad to Move Here

When my mom died, I felt really bad for my dad. We were all grieving her passing, but my dad is the one who took it the hardest as she was the love of his life. We were all able to come home after the funeral since we lived over 500 miles away. He had to go back to their home there, where the loneliness threatened to smother him. I finally convinced him to move closer to my wife and I and our three children. I looked at some apartments in Sandy Springs GA since I knew he would not move in with us.

Even though he is lonely, I knew he was too independent to want to live with anyone. He is too used to his ways after 35 years of being on his own, 34 of which were spent with my mother. I knew that he would enjoy being close to his grandchildren though, and they would thrive under his attention too. I looked at several complexes close by, and finally decided that Retreat at River Park would be the best option for a number of reasons.

Before I could tell him though, he called me and told me that he had found the perfect apartment. I was a bit disappointed as I had really hoped he would choose the one I had found for him, but I was not surprised that he was impatient enough to find his own apartment. When he gave me the website address, I had to laugh because it was the same one I had wanted him to get. It did not take long to get all of the paperwork done, and he had his house up north sold in no time. He now lives just a couple of miles from us, and he could not be happier. The kids love seeing him there too, and it’s not just because they can use the pool, play area and other amenities there!

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