I Just Got Back to Oregon

A couple of my buddies took me out to a Trailblazer game when I got back from the Navy the other day. I have not been to the Rose Garden since I was a kid and they claimed I was bad luck after it was over. Of course we were playing the Clippers and we lost for only the fourth time at home this season. At any rate I have been living at my Mom’s place for now. I have been looking for a one bedroom Clackamas apartments or maybe a place that has a room to rent. My brother in law was telling me that he know someone who has an extra room. She is older woman who owns a house down the street from him and she may need to get a little extra money. Of course it is really hard to say what a deal like that should cost without seeing the place and knowing the person you are dealing with. A lot of the time it is not going to be a practical option for one reason or another.

At any rate I am going to start looking tomorrow and I will go see this lady. My brother in law was talking like perhaps I might be able to work out some sort of deal with her. Apparently she has a rather large home with a yard which has a lot of things to do and she really likes to keep it up. So if I could be really handy around the place he thinks that might suffice for a big part of the rent. Obviously it would be easily worth it to take out the trash and mow the grass if that was going to get you a place to stay even for part of the time.

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