Great Treatment Centers for Alcohol Abuse

I want to help my dad to kick the bottle, because his drinking has really become a family crisis, and it is one that needs to be solved in the near future. I know that he is predisposed to alcoholism, and he has drank a lot of my life, but he has never drank like this before and it is really scary. I want to find the best alcohol rehab centers in the area and see if I can make arrangements for my father to go to one of them.

I guess the breaking point for my dad was when my mom left him over his drinking. He wasn’t even drinking that much back then. But my mom was just tired of the fact that he seemed to need to drink every night of the week, or at least, most nights of the week. But he was only having a few beers at a time back then, and it was a relatively harmless addiction compared to the depths of alcoholism that he has fallen into at the current moment.

I am worried that if I am not able to get him to change his ways that he is going to end up dead in the next couple of years. It can’t be good for him in any way. I know that he spends a tremendous amount of money on alcohol, and it is a wonder that he is able to still pay his bills after all of the money that he spends on drinking. I can’t let my father die from this disease, and even though I know he will not want to go to rehab, I have to figure out some way to convince him that it is in his best interests. Hopefully he will give in and go to rehab.

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