Getting the Right Provider for My Internet Needs

When I started looking at Internet service providers, I was really surprised to find out just how many there are in my area. I knew that there was DSL and cable, but I had forgotten about satellite Internet. I also was not familiar with fiber optic or dial up either. I had heard some dial up horror stories from my folks, and I knew I did not want that. I wasn’t sure which of the other four to go with though, and I got a lot of help in answering this dilemma at a website that explained the differences between the different types of Internet providers.

After looking at the site, I knew that I was going to go with Frontier for a number of reasons. The main one is because I did not have to sign a contract to get a good price on the Internet service. I have had nightmares in the past with trying to get out of contracts that were no longer good for my circumstances, and I vowed then to never get trapped in one again. Since I would be able to get a lower price than what the competitors wanted with a contract, it was an easy choice.

This was not the only reason I decided to go with them though. They have so many perks for their customers, including a free modem. With my last provider, I had to pay a monthly rental fee for the modem, so it was nice to see that they were just going to give me one. Also, the dedicated connection meant that I would not have a slow down in service if everyone else in my area decided to use the Internet at the same time. It just made smart sense to go with the company that really does make the customer their top priority.

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