Getting Cheap Internet in Las Vegas at an RV Park

I work around the country going to energy exploration and drilling work wherever it takes me. I have a fifth wheel trailer that I pull behind our dual wheel pickup truck. It is our home. I can get low rent in RV parks, but good cheap Internet in Las Vegas was tough for me to find. The park had Wi-Fi, but it was woefully lacking, especially when the park was full. You could not enjoy watching something on a streaming service because it would keep on kicking you out. Since the park has some long term rental spots where you can get phone service, I checked into getting DSL hooked up through the line instead.

Our fifth wheel has a phone connection plug where the cable TV and shore power connect. I just plugged in the cable to the phone box and called to get hooked up. It was the cheap way to go to get high speed Internet access for the months we would be in the Las Vegas area. I was definitely spending the winter months working here. It was way to cold back where my wife and I are from. I am fortunate that she does not mind having an RV for a home most months out of the year. She says she enjoys being able to move our address to different spots around the country throughout the year. Our favorite was when we were in the Keys during the cold months a couple of years ago.

There is always a way around things if you are creative. Living in a Recreational Vehicle helps you to get really creative. This is how I found a way to get cheap internet in Las Vegas while at an RV park. We had the most reliable and fastest broadband of any RV in the park!

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