Father and Son Hunting Again

For a birthday present, I received a Butler Creek scope cover from my father, and I couldn’t wait to put it on my rifle. Many years ago, my father gave me the rifle as a kid, and showed me how to shoot with it. My mother thought it was a bad idea to show someone as young as I was how to shoot with a rifle, but my father assured her it would be fine, because his father showed him how to shoot at such a young age and nothing happened to him. She eventually realized there was nothing she could do and just went along with it.

I went with my father to our usual hunting grounds to test the gift he gave me. I like going to the woods with my father, because it gives us a chance to just relax and hang out. My father and I talk as if we’re best friends. When I have a son, I hope I can have as great of a relationship with him as I do with my father. I’ll take him hunting all the time, and my wife will probably be against me teaching him to shoot, just like my mother was with me.

The new cover worked perfectly, and my father and I caught a big deer on our hunt. My father showed me how to cut up the deer meat as a kid too. He told me that the native people of the country used every part of the animal whenever they killed it because they didn’t want to waste anything. There wasn’t a lot of room in our modern world for deer pelts and bow strings made from deer tendons, but we did use as much of the meat as we possibly could. Whatever we couldn’t store in our freezer, we gave to our neighbors.

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