Checking to See if You Can Save More Through Texas Energy Companies if You Own More Than One Property

I was looking for the best rate on electricity supplied to our home and our business. My shop uses many thousands of dollars of electricity per year. Even though we have instituted green measures, we still use quite a bit of electricity. I wanted to see if I could combine my commercial properties with the residential properties I own to see if there was one of the Texas energy companies out there that would give you a discount on the rate for having all accounts with them.

I figured it was worth a shot. I had one supplier for our house, another one for my commercial property where the shop is at and another one for apartments we own where the electricity is included in the rent. I wanted to see if there was a Texas electricity supplier out there that was interested in giving a better rate for all of those properties being serviced by one company. I also wanted to see if the option was available for our natural gas use too.

The two biggest costs next to actually paying a mortgage on a property is for the electricity and gas. Energy bills can ruin a business and send homeowners bankrupt. The economy is not improving at a rate that I am comfortable with, so that means saving every penny possible on energy usage is something I needed to take seriously. However, it is like insurance. You just let it go and go until one day you find out you have been throwing away thousands of dollars per year that you could have otherwise used for savings or even entertainment and owning fun things. I was not wasting another minute and checked to see if any of the Texas energy companies had a combined rate deal for those who own several residential and commercial properties.

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