Cheap Prices for Fast Residential Internet Service

Ever since my son has gotten a new console for gaming, he has been complaining to me about the speed of the internet. I have told him, multiple times, that the internet would be quicker, if he were not trying to play his console on it. However, he just keeps complaining, and honestly, it is probably time that the family upgrades to a higher speed of internet service. We have had a basic connection for years, and so I am going to find a site with high speed internet prices listed for the area where I live.

I will try to go with the provider that is going to offer me the lowest price, but I will need to get Internet service that is reliable, and above a certain speed. Personally, I think that 25 megabytes per second is plenty fast for almost any application that you could need. I am not sure how fast you would actually be able to download, if you had a connection rated at that speed, but it should be plenty fast. It is probably significantly more expensive to get a connection that is much quicker than that, so that is probably the speed that I will end up getting.

I am not going to spend extra money, beyond what it costs for a 25 MB/S connection, just to make sure that my son has the perfect internet gaming experience. Personally, I already think that he spends too much of his time playing games, and that he should probably go outside more often. But he does not really like to listen to me, and it might be too late to get him to start listening to me now. But, I think the whole family would benefit from a boost in internet speed for the house.

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