Best Gaming Monitors with 144hz Specs

My current monitor for my computer is getting kind of old and I have started to notice an increasing rate at which dead pixels are showing up. I can ignore a few of them, but once they start accumulating, it is a prety telling sign that I need to get a new monitor, and since I haven’t bought one in years, I want to find some 144hz monitor information to see if I can find out which monitor would be best for me to purchase.

I want to get something that is close to top of the line, while at the same time, not too expensive. I really need to stay under budget, because a lot of the times that I go out to buy something new for my computer, I end up spending a lot more than I should have, and I am at a point in my life where I am trying to save up money, as opposed to wasting it upon stuff I don’t really need.

When it comes to finding a new monitor, I do have a preference for a monitor that is really well suited for gaming, because thati s what I tend to do the most in my free time. I really love to play internet games where I get to interact with other players, and there are a lot of good games in that category at the moment. I am actually looknig for a new game to play at the moment and I don’t have many clues as to what I am going to play though. I know of a few good options out there, but I need to look into them some more. I need to stop getting side-tracked though, because I am losing focus on my stated goal which is to find a new monitor.

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