Monthly Archives: September 2015

It took five of us to rent this place and I got the short straw and so I sleep on the sofa bed in the extra room. It is really a lot worse than the other rooms, but it is a five bedroom house and we made a deal. The guy who drew the short straw did not have to pay his share of the internet and the satellite tv package. We went to and ordered one of those really expensive packages. In all it costs close to a hundred dollars and the internet is another sixty bucks. So in essence the others are paying forty dollars a month for tv and internet, but I am off the hook. So I can not say that I am getting too bad of a deal. Of course we are talking about a really good chuck of change to rent this place, even after you split it up five ways it is over three hundred dollars a month.

Of course you can not find much of a place for that sort of money and if you have two guys spending that much each you will not get much of a place. This place is about a half a mile from a dozen bars and as many restaurants. It has a huge deck that looks out over a quarter of a mile wide beach at high tide. The surf is not outstanding here, but it is as regular as a clock. You go out there almost any time of the day and there are waves that can be surfed, which is about perfect for me. I do not need the advanced waves and I do not want to go out there and wait on some good waves that are worth trying to ride.

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